3D Imagery: Visualisation, Models, Animation

Our images will pinpoint whatever you need them to, whether it is to illustrate a new development or for marketing ‘off-plan’ illustrations in a more dramatic and illustrative manner

Our skill, expertise and combined knowledge allow us to bring your drawings to life with 3D images that compel. We begin by analysing your requirements, discussing what you wish to convey and then adding the necessary components to create life-like imagery. If you are looking for floor plans, these are easily converted from any 2D plans that you may have; we will convey a realistic overview or walkthrough, bringing your ideas to life. When it comes to kitting out floorplans with accessories, we can use our own images or tailor them to suit you or your client. If you need something different, exciting and impressive, then our 3D imagery is the way to go. We can provide applications that are totally interactive and user-friendly so that the viewer can move around as they wish, checking out different aspects of the information.

At 3D Animation, our 3d visualisations, models and animations are accessible to clients across all industry sectors. We are used to working with CAD and can even modify our 3D videos to act as instruction broadcasts. These are particularly useful if you are looking for a simple way to get across a complex idea or maybe have a sophisticated business slant that you want to convey to a bigger audience. We can use any background soundtrack to suit your product or service and even supply voice-overs if required. These explainer videos are a great way of working in a lot of content at an affordable price, with just a few minutes of video conveying what hundreds of words of text could not. 3D models can also be constructed from a mix of different sources of origin i.e. photos, drawings and even sketches.

We can also provide any necessary visual effects that may be impossible to capture in real environments. We regularly produce 3D imagery for new products that have not yet been brought to the market; these can be used for advertising purposes, website use or even such things as TV commercials. Whatever you are looking for in the world of 3D imagery, we can supply it.