Just What is 3DS Max?

We all know that the secret to any successful TV show or movie is a good story. But a story being conveyed on screen often needs to be partnered with the right aesthetics, otherwise it could be shown in the wrong context. For movies or TV shows that have a more down-to-earth storyline, then this can be easily achieved with the right kind of camerawork, but what if the movie requires a little more imagination?

Many of us will watch in awe as our favourite movies play out, but have you ever wondered what it takes to bring so many special effect-laden hits to our screen month after month?

Many will be aware of how prominent computer imagery is in today’s world, but you may not necessarily know what tools are used to create those amazing effects and CGI animation you see in your favourite flicks.

One of the tools used to create a number of blockbusters is Autodesk’s 3DS Max. The software allows for 3D modelling design, realistic animation and specific control over polygons. 3DS Max actually started life back in the 80’s, and was designed for the DOS platform under the name ‘3D Studio.’

Evidently, the software has evolved since its original incarnation, and is often used to develop CGI, as well as other applications, including video game development. You’ve more than likely seen what the capabilities of 3DS Max are via a number of different movies that use CGI animation, including ‘Hugo’ and ‘Planet 51.’

Where 3DS Max is used?

However, it’s not only cartoons that take advantage of 3DS Max, as it has also been used to create special effects in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, including ‘Hellboy,’ ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Avatar,’ showcasing just how diverse this powerful software really is.

The 3DS Max software is actually used in the beginning stages of many animated movies. For example, it is commonly used within the following stages of a planned animation feature:

  • Pre-Visualisation
  • Animatics
  • Layout
  • Camera and Objects Tracting
  • Rotomation
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Video FX
  • Lighting
  • Renderings

As well as being used for movies and CGI animation, the software can also be used to enhance other forms of media. For example, an additional edge can be given to broadcast by including an animated logo. 3DS Max also allows for the rendering of photo-realistic images, which is an element that is regularly adopted by advertisers wishing to showcase their product in the best way possible.

However, it’s not all about the world of entertainment, as the software has gone to be used within a number of other industries. One example of this is the use of 3DS Max within the architectural industry, as it allows designers to showcase designs using photo realistic imagery before the buildings are ever erected.

This is only the top of the iceberg when it comes to the many sectors and avenues that 3DS Max can be used within, making it a very versatile tool to work with.