BIM advatanges for architects and designers

We regularly work with a stream of architects and designers, using a mix of BIM techniques to suit interiors, exteriors, residential layouts, site plans and architectural concepts

The range of software tools that we use when working with our architectural clients varies immensely. Often we will incorporate such things as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to produce interior or exterior visualisations that look incredibly realistic. They are ideal for clients such as developers, designers and architects. Used to producing imagery for brochures too, architects will often refer some of their clients to us; we have worked on major brochure shoots for all types of manufacturers, from kitchens and bathrooms through to interior designers. With a plethora of Building Information Modelling techniques amassed between us, our techniques are never stretched to the limit, even when we need to present images that engage and beguile in an instant.

Often we will be brought into help with a project where developers or architects want to market early on and before the finished item is complete. This is an immensely valuable technique when it comes to housebuilders who may wish to sell off-plan to interested parties or maybe to be able to show a variety of different interior or exterior finishes. As an architect, you are used to being able to get your clients interested with just the thought or an idea of a concept or image; they buy into the dream of how they would like to live or possibly even a lifestyle they would love to adopt. Because we are used to working with architects on a vast range of different and varied schemes, we understand what it is that you need to convey to your clients; it is easy for us to make use of our valuable and extensive experience to enable you to convey your vision, thereby enabling your customers to see the potential in what you have to offer.

If you are looking for a mix of Building Information Modelling techniques, possibly combined with CGI style photography, we can do it. Whether you are working on domestic residential or commercial projects, we can bring them to life with a touch of magic. Our production times are fast and sophisticated with the end result being something that will inspire and delight at a competitive price.

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