Case study


We were asked to produce a video for the website of a company called SFE UK. SFE are experts in the field of surface treatment process plant. Their website already gives detailed information but they wanted to enhance this with the addition of a video. They were very aware that just a few minutes of video could convey a message of many words and that statistics show that 46% of people who watch a video on a website take action. It would also help their Google rankings as ‘dwell time’ would be enhanced whilst viewers watched. In addition, the click-through and conversion rates would increase; 12% of viewers watching an ad go on to purchase. The video was also to be used to portray the company’s personality and brand image, making them stand out from the competition.
At 3D Animation we had to get to know the company, what they did, and then portray it in a professional and compact way, without losing any of the detail or essence of who they are.

What we did

We had in an-depth discussion with the M.D of the company and his team in order to understand what the company did, their processes, corporate culture and the image that they wanted to portray. These were the elements that we needed to incorporate i.e. the key areas of the company’s operations and procedures. SFE design, manufacture and install surface treatments plant and fume extraction equipment. Their key products and services are as follows:
Fume Extraction – this is a system which extracts warm, humid and often unpleasant smelling fumes and ensures that the environment is healthy and the air free from chemical pollution.
SFE Automatic Plant – the supply of automatic process systems and accessories, with lines ranging from 0.5m to 18m wide.
Manual Process Lines – manual and semi-automatic processes used for chemical immersion dipping.
Chemical Filling & Distribution – surface treatment involves the use of harmful acids; SFE have automated the process so that operators do not have to handle the acids at any time.
Taking all of this into account, the video was created.


3D Animation produced a video of just over 2 minutes in length. It conveys to the viewer the products and services of the company in an exacting and defined way. We were able to incorporate all of the details and information that is shown on the SFE website, without losing the interest of the viewer. The imagery has been crafted in such a way that even the most complex of scenarios are now easy to understand and absorb. We created a broadcast-quality video that clearly and concisely connects with their type of audience. Using this video also makes the site far more accessible to mobile viewers who will no longer have to struggle to read large amounts of text but simply look, listen and learn; attention span may wain when reading but not so much when watching. The video explains their product and service in a versatile way and ensures improved engagement with clients.
By being proactive and putting this professional video on their site, SFE are giving their customers what they need and want and should see a big increase in demand and leads from the site as a result.